A desperate realtor could suggest an inflated asking price just to secure your listing. It's a trap that may quickly backfire on you.


The truth is that buyers, not sellers, ultimately determine the market value of a house. You can  set your listing price well above comparable properties in your neighborhood, but at some point you will have to accept what prospective buyers think your home is worth or it will never sell.

Overpricing is the most common reason properties don’t sell. When you ask an unrealistic price, it sets in motion a process that often works against you. Here’s why:

Most Buyer’s Realtors, and hence most qualified buyers, will see your new listing within 30 days. Overpricing it by as little as 5% will very quickly drop interest in your property , especially if you show no intention of lowering your asking price. Before you realize it, you’ve probably already priced out buyers who might have qualified for financing at a more reasonable price.

Even if you  manage to find a buyer at your inflated asking price, the property appraisal may not match the asking price and the financing will fall apart.


Some desperate  realtors may suggest an inflated asking price to secure your listing.

Other realtors could use your overpriced property to help sell their own listings (“Here’s what they are asking. Now would you like to take a second look at that first house I showed you?”).

If your house  should really be priced at $400,000 and you’ve got it listed at $460,000 for example, you are trying to compete against homes that  are worth close to $500,000.

All of a sudden your home  is not competing well at all. You want to compete against homes similar to yours – and make sure your property is viewed as one of the best buys for value vs price .

Your house becomes less desirable the longer it stays on the market, the same as a garment hanging in the store week after week. If your home remains on the market for too long, realtors and buyers will wonder if  it isn’t selling because of more serious reasons, and may stay away altogether.

Price your home well, provide excellent value and you’ll begin to create the win-win we’re ultimately aspiring to achieve.

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