Gone are the days when a realtor could simply place your listing on MLS, hold a halfhearted open house and wait for another realtor to bring in a buyer. All the while collecting full commission.

Are you getting what you’re paying for?

There are realtors who will  put your  listing on the MLS,  put a sign on your lawn and pray the house  will sell quickly, without having to do much work.  Meanwhile, these same realtors are collecting the full commission amount that should have  included real marketing expenditures. Wasn’t that their justification for charging as much commission in the first place?

Unfortunately, with the industry’s accepted system of compensation, the inefficient realtor gets paid the same as the conscientious, hard-working one.  You could always resort to using  a discount brokerage or sell the house yourself.  These are workable options, depending on your circumstances.Our pricing is completely transparent and our expenses are always justified. Best of all, you remain in control.

But now there’s an even better option: Fair Deal House Sales.  Our pricing is completely transparent and our expenses are always justified. Best of all, you remain in control.

With Fair Deal, you get exactly the marketing activities that circumstances require and that you’re willing to pay for, for as long as your house remains on the market.  Our base commission price includes a solid list of services and activities that are always included.  Anything over and above is up to you, your preferences, how motivated you are to sell quickly, current market conditions, etc.

Today’s well-planned, multilevel marketing activities include listing tours for area realtors, website-based virtual tours, newspaper and online advertising, well-run weekend open houses, professional listing fliers (also known as Feature Sheets) and placements in local real estate publications. For as long as your house remains unsold. Otherwise, you’re probably not getting the exposure necessary to find the right buyer.

Together we’ll review the full menu of marketing activities at our disposal and agree on a plan, budget and time lines.

Remember: if you don’t need it, you don’t have to pay for it. That’s a Fair Deal.

To find out how I can help you save thousands of dollars with Fair Deal unbundled fees: Contact me today!