No lock box policy! Your home will never be left for strangers to roam around without supervision. Our professional services are 100% hands-on.

Hands-on, Professional Listing Services

As your Selling Realtor, our professional services are 100% hands-on and we always provide the personal attention that you expect. You pay our basic service fee of  0.75% for the listing servWe never forget who’s the boss: you.ices detailed below, plus the marketing services that you choose.

With Fair Deal, here are the base listing services that you can count on :

  • Face to face meeting with you, the listing client
  • Review of the home’s condition
  • Establish the fair list price
  • Finalize the MLS listing paperwork
  • Ensure MLS accuracy
  • Determine the marketing plan and put into effect

  • Arrange the photos and video, as agreed
  • Coordinate the showing schedules with tenants or residents
  • Personally show the property
  • Explain all features and benefits
  • Watch over your personal belongings
  • Give showing feedback

  • Review weekly marketing activities
  • Handle client questions
  • Communicate with all Realtors
  • Sell your property!
  • Organize closing schedule

No lock box policy!

Unlike most other Realtors, we don’t use a lock box, we will never hand out keys for people (or other Realtors) to view the property on their own, and your home will never be left for strangers to roam around without supervision. This will allow your home and belongings to be safe, shown in the best possible way, and allow us to explain the advantages of your home, neighbourhood, amenities, etc, so both the buyer and the buyer’s Realtor can understand every benefit and merit of your property.

Discover how I can save you thousands of dollars while providing white glove professional services. Contact me today!