Say the house sells within a few days. Seeing their realtor pocket that much money for a few days' work is a pill that's hard to swallow for many sellers. And rightly so.

At Fair Deal, we do things quite differently.

We’re not Real Estate discounters; we simply charge for the services you actually receive, and nothing more.

Transparency  makes our partnership stronger. You know exactly what you’re going to get.

We strongly believe that transparency  establishes the trust necessary for a winning outcome. This is why we are comfortable showing you exactly what you are paying for, and letting you decide just how much you are prepared to spend, based on how motivated you are.

For the past 25 years, the real estate industry has had the same  bundled pricing model:  The seller hires a Realtor who charges all promised services under one commission rate, adds the property details to the MLS, plants a sign on your lawn, maybe runs a few ads. He or she then waits for a buyer’s Realtor to bring a client, praying they quickly write an offer  so the realtor can pocket more commission money. Your hard-earned money.

Save thousands of dollars with Fair Deal unbundled pricing!

Questions to ask when choosing a Realtor:

  • Exactly what does my listing realtor’s commission cover?
  • What services won’t I get with a heavily discounted commission?
  • What if my house sells quickly?
  • What if my house stays on the market for a long time?

  • What if my listing realtor finds the buyer?
  • Can I sell the house myself and do I keep the Buyer Realtor’s commission if I do?
  • Is the brokerage a trusted brand?

Discover how I can save you thousands of dollars while providing white glove professional services. Contact me today!